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Dead Island, developed by Techland, published by Deep Silver. What is it? Well, it’s Borderlands with zombies, I’m not going to deny that. Is it more than that?

Not really.

The beginning in the hotel was amazing. It did seem that there had been utter chaos some time ago, before your character wakes up after a night of partying of course. The lights were out, so it was almost pitch black, luggage strewn about. You felt somewhat apprehended, you knew there were zombies around, you had only heard them at best.

Then the proverbial ball is dropped. A cutscene later you’re in a beach-side bungalow and it’s broad daylight. After that, it’s just wandering around the resort collecting deadly sticks from dead zombies to make more dead zombies. Or finding champagne for that annoying Russian in the ass-end of the island.

Gameplay? Well. It works. Can’t really say anything about it.

I didn’t get to try it with friends, but I’m guessing it would’ve been even easier than it was. I was spared from the wonky character animations, though.

The story was your standard zombie virus shtick. Also, implied rape warning.

That’s it. Not much else to say.


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