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Before I get into a rant about how buying this game pushes gaming deeper down into the black, dank hole of annualized franchises, I got this game for my birthday a few weeks back. I take comfort in the fact that it wasn’t my money Activision and Bobby Kotick got their grubby hands on. But since I liked Call of Duty 4 and played Modern Warfare 2, I gave this game a chance.

The campaign was so much better than the previous installment. It had no far-fetched invasions or nukes used as EMPs. What it had was a lot of killing off characters. I don’t want to spoil much, like the fact that Soap dies, but the ending doesn’t really leave room for continuation. No fucking chance that preventing them from cranking out Modern Warfare 4? But who’d be the bad guys? Seeing the preposterous invasion of the US by Russia, mind you they came from the east over the Atlantic basically suggesting they forgot that us Europeans are between them and the States, why not have Australia conquer the world? They might be irked that we make fun of their vegemite and tendency to yell out “crickey” every sentence, which is totally true by the way. We’ll most likely find that out in 2013.

The multiplayer. Well, it’s CoD4/WaW/MW2/BlOps all over again. They have changed things about, though. Can’t say yay or nay for Black Ops since I never played it though a friend did say it has a different system, but I honestly hate the fact that they give you the worst guns to start out with and you unlock the guns you want to use, the m14 for instance, at the latter levels. One thing I love though, the support strike package. In previous installments, I barely got the UAV with the killstreaks let alone the attack choppers and airstrikes, but now I can just kill and be assured I’ll get something, like an EMP or stealth airstrike. Also akimbo weapons and the Striker shotgun are ridiculously overpowered.

The multiplayer was a nice distraction from the fact that Gears 3 has the ultimate overpowered weapon in recent memory, the Hammerburst. Immense damage output that is accurate as shit with no glaring downsides. And fuck skill, it’s broken. Try downing someone with the Retro Lancer on the other side of Sandbar.

But getting serious. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is just a rehashed Call of Duty 4. You simply cannot point at the game and say, “this is something new,” because it is not.

If you want this game, give Activision, Bobby K. and the way they want the game industry to go the finger and buy used or failing that buy it without tax. Thank you Ahvenanmaa. You can sleep easier by doing so.


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