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So they released a demo for Mass Effect 3 today or yesterday depending on your perspective, though why you would ever release a demo for an RPG I don’t know. Then again, it might be because Mass Effect 3 is a third-person action game rather than an RPG. The worst part is, they actually aimed for this. You wanted Call of Duty’s audience, eh, BioWare? Well, it shows.

First off, you can choose “action” mode which toggles off interactive conversations and makes them plain cutscenes. Now this presents a serious problem. I am assuming you choose to be either renegade or paragon at some point in the beginning and thus, the ‘choice’ of conversation in the role-playing mode is limited to these two options; why would they bother record or even write anything else. This breaks the back of the whole idea of role-playing. Instead of playing a role how you choose, you must be one of two alignments. And the only choices in the demo were just how much of a dick you are to characters, but with the exact same outcome. Not only that, Shepard talks to him/herself way too much without you getting to choose what s/he says and when he/she does, they have the exact same dialogue, very assholey dialogue at that, regardless if you are a paragon.

I cannot comprehend this. Did someone pick up Mass Effect 1 or 2 and think: “Oh, this must be a good shooter, because every game is and should be.” then realize it’s full of brain-hurting choices? So they had to make it more simple for the casual gamer to get into it. And because they want Call of Duty’s audience, let’s tack on another goddamn multiplayer. Oh god, why?

The multiplayer. I’ll be honest. It’s bland, boring and uninspired. For whom was this component made? Certainly not for a fan, no. So who then? It’s a horde mode, so it’s not like a casual gamer would be interested. That’s about it.

The combat, the apparent meat and gravy of Mass Effect 3. It felt like it was hardly holding together, like someone had taken a piece of bluetack and stuck the game together. The animations are wonky and I didn’t much care for the blocks for health/armor/shield/barrier, because a flashing block hardly tells me I’m doing damage. A single bar that depletes is much preferred. Also, the big mecha you had me fight in the end of the demo? Nice, but like I have said before, if you gotta throw in adds to make the boss more challenging: go back to the drawing board. The game is also laughably easy even on hardcore. Normal mode, the “new veteran” is a walk in the park.

Also, I hope when I do transfer my character, he doesn’t end up looking like a caricature of some politician. The identity code system does not work. And yes I will buy this. Regrettably. I don’t have high hopes for Mass Effect 3. A shame really. The first one was such a good game.

And BioWare, why did you make Wrex into an idiot?


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  1. yea i played the demo and was really upset with how much acton there is and how little choice there is i have tried it twice and coudnt even bother to play through the whole thing because i realized even in rpg or story your “choices” dont effect the story at all pisses me off… hey Bioware if you thing the people who bought the first 2 great games wanted a fucking action game why the HELL do you think they sold so fucking well as a RPG seriously im sick of every fucking game becoming call of duty i want something fresh like mass effect was… until now and im still gonna pick it up i just hope the full game has more choices and one that actually effect the damn game jesus im so pissed off.

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