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I heard people bash this game because it was buggy as hell, that your AI teammates kill you with grenades constantly or the nanosecond you get infected, but the truth is, I don’t know what alpha version they got, because they don’t do that in my game. I’ve been infected many times and they haven’t put a bullet in my brainpan for it. They do throw grenades, but only idiots fail to see the grenade warning indicator and if they do see that, common sense says duck and cover and even then I don’t think frags have friendly fire. Incendiaries do, but frags? I lobbed one in a pile of zombies and Vector and he was just fine. The only bug I encountered was that Bertha tried to go through a door that did not lead anywhere and she would not budge from there, barring me from progressing through the level. Thankfully, there was a wall of fire there and the checkpoint was in the very same room so I just threw poor Four Eyes into the inferno and got on with it.

As for the game itself, well, it’s a third-person co-op shooter. We’ve seen those before, but not with a Resident Evil twist and I like it. A “what if” scenario, you get to alter the course of Resident Evil history from the second game onwards. That’s pretty neat.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City isn’t an exceptional game for the common man, but I got it frankly because I’m a sucker for Resident Evil, especially if it has anything to do with Raccoon City. Hell, I have Resident Evil Outbreak File #1 even though its European release doesn’t even have the multiplayer component. When playing RE:ORC, me and a friend who is also a diehard fan of the old Resident Evils got to the R.P.D., we got giddy as fuck just from seeing the water cistern that’s on top of the station. That is the power of nostalgia. I’d say it’s the same as Zelda or Mario for other gamers, they don’t give a shit the games aren’t all that good or new, they just like the nostalgia of playing a game linked to those favourites from childhood.

Don’t get me wrong the Resident Evil live action movies are some of the most horrible drivel ever put on film, in my humble opinion, even if they have Resident Evil in the title and second one took place in Raccoon City, they’re still unimaginably shitty.


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